Next Gold Rush Run is 31.3. – 2.4.2017 (23.4.2016)

Dates of next spring Gold Rush Run is settled. There is coming some small changes of classes and distances:

  • open class max 14 dogs, 250-300km
  • limited class 6-8 dogs, 2x 75km
  • sport class 4-6 dogs, 2x 45km


Hugh Neff and Mats Pettersson is coming to Gold Rush Run! 28.01.2016)

Hugh Neff and Mats Pettersson is coming to Gold Rush Run to speak about Iditarod. Hugh also sigh in to Gold Rush Run, also team for Mats kennel Kiruna sleddog Tours sigh in to open class.

Important info about accommodation! 27.10.2015)

In race center is two levels of accommodation, cabins where toilet and shower is different building and rooms where is toilet and shower. Those who sigh up first have right to choice witch level accommodation they want. Places of accommodation is limited. You have sign up after you have sent registration form and paid entry fee and after that you can have early bird privilege about the accommodation. Remember to sent also a picture of you for musher presentation.

Dog massagist Mianna is coming to Gold Rush Run! (19.9.2015)

Dog massagist Mianna is coming to Gold Rush Run and is available to use in sport class and limited class between the race days. Professional massagist offers recovering, refreshing and heating massage services to dogs. More info and prices will be published later.


Gold Rush Run is last race of Finnish MD-cup (18.8.2015)

Finnish MD-cup includes five races and Gold Rush Run is last one:

Ukkohalla-Paljakka Ajot 16.1.2016
Jongunverran Ajot 23.1. – 24.1.2016
Ruuhirod 5.2. – 7.2.3016
Ruunaa Race 11.3. – 13.3.2016
Gold Rush Run 31.3. – 3.4.2016


Updates (28.6.2015)

We are started to update pages for next year, rest of the information is coming soon! Open class is about 350-380km and there is three checkpoints.

Next Gold Rush Run is 31.3. – 3.4.2016! (9.5.2015)

Dates of next spring Gold Rush Run is settled. Classes and distances is about the same than this year, open class might be little bit longer. We publish news about it before autumn.


Gold Rush Run 2015 is now behind (23.04.2015)

The final results are published on the official race internet site –> Gold Rush Run –> English –> Results.
We want to send out a huge thank you for all the participants, handlers, judges, veterinaries, volunteers, trackmasters…. to everyone!!! A million Thanks go to Tankavaara Goldvillage and the checkpoint Näverniemen holiday centre!! With out any of you this race would not have been able to organise!
There is a long list of what needs to be done better next year and we wish for a lot of feedback on how to make this race better, send email to
Next years race is initially 31.3 – 3.4. 2016!

Lottery of starting order and free participation is now done (10.03.2015)

Jussi Riihimäki wins free participation! Congratulations! We make lottery of starting order in same time, you find it behind entrants –link. We also film that lottery, video will be published in you tube in close days.


First due date is behind (01.03.2015)

Advance registration is over, 27 names is on the list already. One free participation and starting order will be lottery with these mushers. Mushers who sign up before the last due date, starts in the sign up order. Last due date is 05.04.


News from the sponsors (27.02.2015)

ROYAL CANIN is the main dog food sponsor!! And more: A SLED will be lottery with every musher who complete the race!!


New first due date! (17.02.2015)

New first due date!! Everybody who has signed up before the first due date (28.02.2015) participate in draw. The draw includes the starting order and one FREE participation of the race! Mushers who sign up after the first due date, starts in the sign up order.


New facebook-page! (17.02.2015)

New facebook-page is created for this happening! Now on we publish all info and news and everything in there, EVERYBODY JOIN: